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In The Loop January 6, 2010

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Title: In The Loop

Director: Armando Iannucci

Release: IFC Films, 2009

Genre: Comedy

RIYD: Political humor, The Office

Synopsis: A British cabinet minister accidentally supports a war that his staff and several U.S. secretaries oppose.

Though this movie is about what goes on behind the scenes in the offices of today’s world leaders as they make tough political decisions, it is not necessary to understand politics to understand its humor. In fact, I think I may know more about politics than most of the characters in the film (which is saying a lot.)

In The Loop is a character-based comedy of errors that shatters our optimistic ideals that those in positions of power are equipped to wield it. The actors involved in the production deserve special recognition for bringing such vibrant characters to life: each has its own set of humorous idiosyncrasies and its own personal agenda that make for incredibly satisfying interactions that pretty much drive the film. Though the characters clearly lack the sort of reserved intelligence we would expect from the officials we elect to make our decisions for us, their idiocy isn’t at all over-the-top and the strong personalities are very real. And even though the movie’s intentions are comedic and light-hearted at the surface, when the laughter stops as the credits roll the film’s biting message becomes all too clear as we realize just how real they are.

Basically, you need to watch this movie. Find out more about it on its imdb page.



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