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Golden Ages – Tradition January 15, 2010

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Artist: Golden Ages

Album: Tradition

Release: Self-Released, 2010

Genre: Electronica

RIYD: Candy Claws, Universal Studios Florida, Washed Out


Unlike the last album I posted, Golden Ages sound exactly like a lot of things I’ve heard before. Very much steeped in the recent wave of blissed-out, tropical, synth-y and danceable music inspired by Animal Collective’s most recent triumph, Tradition wears its influences proudly. This is a strong debut from a little band with a big sound: each of the tracks is layered with excellent production and a richness that makes it sound full and complete. Be it the pulsing Panda Bear-esque samples, the bright and sparkling synth layers, or the hazy fuzz covering the sighing vocals in the spirit of Washed Out, Golden Ages are young masters of their craft. After just one single, one EP, and one great debut, they’ve accomplished a sound in Tradition that takes other bands years to refine.

This one might be a bit hard to find, so here’s a link to where I stumbled across it on magiska, a direct download blog. You can also check out their myspace to download the single and EP for free and hear a sampling of their songs. Or, you can stream the first track from the album, “Waiting”, below:



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