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jj – “My Way” January 19, 2010

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If only I had known jj would be leaking more new tracks from the jj no 3 sessions I would’ve waited before posting those two rare tracks from last week. “My Way” is bigger and better than both of them, and may be my favorite from jj so far. Containing an entire Lil Wayne verse swiped directly from Trina’s “Don’t Trip”, the song itself is hard to classify: it samples too much of the original song to be a cover, yet has too much new material to be a remix. The mix of jj’s style with the Weezy verse is so flawlessly executed that it sounds as if jj actually paired up with Lil Wayne to write and record this song (which I am all for if they want to do that in the future.) Could this be the next step for sampling/remixing/mashing? I’d certainly like to see more grand ideas like this in the future.

jj – “My Way”
a bonus track posted by jj’s label, Sincerely Yours

download mp3

You might also want to check out “Let Go”, the first track leaked from the upcoming jj no 3. Hopefully I can get past the brilliance of jj and maybe post about something else soon, though with the March 9th release of no 3 right around the corner the odds of that happening might be slim.



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