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Tanlines – “SAW” & “Real Life” January 21, 2010

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Tanlines are an electronic duo that have recently gained attention for remixing the likes of El Guincho and The Tough Alliance. Like many other remix artists before them, these guys have now started making their own songs with original vocals. Beginning with a split with some band called SALEM and the “Real Life” single which features remixes of the title track by Memory Tapes and Basic Needs (which are good only because they sound so similar to the original), Tanlines are well on their way to an excellent debut, assuming they continue to churn out these fantastic tracks of self-described “calypso disco electro music for various kinds of sex.” Check out and/or download “SAW” and “Real Life” below:

Tanlines – “SAW”
from the SALEM/Tanlines split 12″

download mp3

Tanlines – “Real Life”
single from the upcoming Settings EP

download mp3

Watch for the Settings EP, featuring “Real Life” and 5 other tracks (including a collaboration with Glasser), set to drop March 9th. Also cross your fingers for a full-length sometime this year.



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