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Symphony Of Science – “The Unbroken Thread” February 13, 2010

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Symphony Of Science is an ongoing music project from producer John Boswell that transforms scientific television shows and documentaries into beautiful pieces of mellow, sample-based and beat-laden electronica. They take clips from notable episodes of famous physicists, chemists, and biologists and auto-tune their speech to create verses and choruses that attempt to explain and make sense of the world in which we live. The visual accompaniment consists of footage taken directly from the original recording, so breathtaking images of life from the microscopic level to the grand cosmos are interspersed among video of the scientists explaining their theories, synchronized with the auto-tune melodies and, of course, complete with their trademark host personalities and physical gesticulations.

The first installment in the series was called “A Glorious Dawn” and featured vocal contributions from Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, including the famous line “if you wish to bake an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” I had been overexposed to the video by a couple of friends who couldn’t get enough of it, so I guess I didn’t really appreciate it that much at first. But it was only recently that I found their three other videos, including the most recent and best, “The Unbroken Thread” featuring Goodall, Attenborough, and Sagan. The audio and visuals are both equally excellent, and science has never looked or sounded so good. Watch and listen below:

You can see all the videos and download mp3s of the tracks at the Symphony Of Science website. You can also read up more about the project, find interesting remixes and instrumentals, and learn about what’s in store for the future.



1. paul - February 14, 2010

“a couple of friends who couldn’t get enough of it”

haha, i knnow i am implicated in this!

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