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Submachine March 19, 2010

Posted by gwyoung in Games, Web Apps.

This past weekend my friends and I rediscovered the wonders of point-and-click adventure games when we impulsively downloaded “Myst” for Windows 95. Fifteen hours later, after we retrieved the white page and brought it to D’ni to complete the game, we were itching for more. As the “Riven” iso image is a much larger file than the one for “Myst,” we had a lot of down time while we were waiting to play the next installment in the series. Though we tried a few old pre-Windows 95 classics like “The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis” and “7th Guest,” we eventually landed on a web app for a game called “Submachine.”

Like in “Myst,” the goal of the game is basically to wander around, gather items, and solve all of the puzzles by clicking interesting spots on the screen. There are five different games in the series and the puzzles get really difficult really quickly as you progress through each one. “Submachine 1” is definitely the best place to start, as its puzzles are much easier than those in “Myst” and even those in “Submachine 2.” Click here to play it (you can access the rest from the same site). Happy pointing and clicking!



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