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Beat Connection – Surf Noir August 1, 2010

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Artist: Beat Connection

Album: Surf Noir

Release: Self-released, 2010

Genre: Electronica

RIYD: Delorean, Javelin

Seeing as I’m in Seattle for the summer, I figured I’d check out the debut EP from the local dance pop crew known as Beat Connection. Though their sound is surprisingly sunny considering their hometown’s usual weather patterns, Surf Noir is actually a very appropriate title as the EP contain elements of both beachy goodness and darker themes. Like a lot of music I’ve previously mentioned here (Delorean being the prime example), Beat Connection combine blissful Ibiza grooves with more melancholy undertones present in both the vocal delivery and the music supporting it. And though there’s nothing really new or startlingly original about these guys as most of their sound has precedence in the overly drawn out “chillwave” scene (Real Estate, Beach Fossils, and Javelin all come to mind in just the opening track alone), their composition skills are pretty impeccable. While each track on the EP is solid, “In The Water” and “Silver Screen” are the real treasures, sparkling with watery textures and upbeat, flute-jam rhythms. You can check out youtubes of both tracks below and head over to the Beat Connection bandcamp site to download the whole EP for free once you’re hooked and need to hear more.



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