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Gayngs Ft. Glasser – “Faded High” October 3, 2010

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Seeing Gayngs live is a wonderful experience, not only because they sound even fuller and richer than they do on the album, but also because you get to see which member is responsible for each part of the song. I hadn’t realized that there were so many different vocalists involved in each track, and it was really cool to see how easily and smoothly they moved from part to part. While all the guys involved in the group crooned through the full album, the female vocalists, Dessa, Channy Moon-Casselle and Katy Morley, were conspicuously absent. Luckily, when they got to the standout “Faded High”, they brought out Cameron Mesirow, of Glasser, to fill in, and fill in she did. This video the group made with her doing the song perfectly demonstrates the experience of seeing them perform:



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