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Avey Tare – “Heads Hammock” October 23, 2010

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When I first listened to Avey Tare’s new album, Down There, I must admit I was disappointed. Though Avey is my favorite member of Animal Collective and I had thought he could do no wrong, nothing on the album seemed to catch my attention right off the bat. But after some perseverance and a few more listens, the subtle and complex layers of sound started to emerge from the swampy murk that makes up the album. All the effort I put into giving the record its fair share of rotations paid off big time: Down There has a practically endless number of nuances and intricacies that each listen offers something entirely new and exciting.

A perfect example of this is on “Heads Hammock”, one of the standout tracks and also one of my new favorites from this year. I put the song on repeat, started doing some menial chores around the house, and ended up getting lost in its melody for several hours. Usually I’d get bored of hearing the same song over and over again for awhile, but I kept noticing new moments of bubbly electronic bliss that I’d never heard before, and each listen remained as interesting and engrossing as the very first time I heard it. Listen to it below, and I hope you find you can share some of my feelings for it:



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