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Mad Rad – The Youth Die Young December 8, 2010

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Artist: Mad Rad

Album: The Youth Die Young

Release: Out For Stardom, 2010

Genre: Electronica/Hip-Hop

RIYD: Subtle, Why?, Gorillaz

Ever since I found out I’ll be moving to Seattle next September, I’ve been extremely partial to the music coming from out there. This is the second group I’ve tried out only because I read that they’re from Seattle, but they’re also the second to wildly exceed my expectations (the first being the beloved Beat Connection).

Apparently these guys are a force to be reckoned with during live performances, which I can definitely see on some of the more danceable tracks on The Youth Die Young. But a lot of that energy is definitely captured on the record, which smoothly moves from electro to hip-hop to indie rock at the flick of a wrist throughout the album and even sometimes within the same track. This is partially due to the multitude of vocal presences in the group, including a crooner who evokes Gorillaz-style Damon Albarn, a rapidfire rapper who shares a style with some of the better acts in the Anticon collective, and heavily processed vocoder samples like the kind found in a lot of modern club music. The album’s got good flow, and even though not all tracks are superb, there are enough great ones to keep it interesting through the whole listen. It’s definitely worth checking out, and I for one am terribly excited for the chance to see them live when I move out to their hometown.



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