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13 & God – “Armored Scarves” May 11, 2011

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When I heard 13 & God was releasing a new album, I half-expected a dip in quality over the six years it took the Notwist and Themselves to reconvene and record new material, especially since the most recent releases from those projects have been sub-par when compared to the stuff they released at the beginning of the ’00s. Luckily, Own Your Ghost caught me completely off guard. Not only does it capture the aesthetic of both groups’ best work as well as the collaboration in 2005, but it makes it work even better in a tight, cohesive whole of an album that deals with insecurity and anxiety about getting older and growing closer to death.

“Armored Scarves” is a triumphant example of 13 & God’s masterwork on the new album, and it perfectly blends the melancholic folktronica of the Notwist with the avant-garde, nasally rap stylings of Doseone of Themselves. Jel’s production also works wonders toward the overall sound, creating an eerie but highly emotive soundscape over which the vocalists layer their soul-bearing rhymes that acknowledge “these troubled times” and offer advice to “dip our scarves in iron” to protect our fleshy necks from all the attackers around us. The song channels both disheartened anxiety as well as a profound sense of acceptance, moods which pervade the entire album but are best demonstrated in this iconic track:



1. DP - July 15, 2011

your blog is in need of love.

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