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Balam Acab – “Kimmi In A Rice Field” & “Video Games” Remixes January 14, 2012

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Balam Acab’s debut album, Wander/Wonder, was one of the more intriguing releases of 2011, combining pitch-shifted vocals with gentle, watery compositions of graceful chimes, bubbling arpeggios, strings, and piano. His original music is borderline ambient, and as such might put some of you to sleep, but his remix work is a horse of a different color. His fluid arrangements provide the perfect background for other musicians’ (especially female) voices, so he strips the originals down to their bare-bones vocal tracks and structures his own little snow globe worlds around them, both highlighting their original emotion and imbuing them with a gorgeous, ethereal quality. So far the best one’s he’s done are of Twin Sister’s “Kimmi In A Rice Field” and, a safer in the dark favorite, Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games”. Check them out below:

Twin Sister

“Kimmi In A Rice Field (Balam Acab Remix)”

Lana Del Rey

“Video Games (Balam Acab Remix)”



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