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Korallreven – “Sa Sa Samoa (Elite Gymnastics Remix)” March 26, 2012

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Now I’m not at all an expert on 90’s rave culture, but various track reviews and youtube comments have assured me that this Elite Gymnastics remix hearkens back to just that, capturing the euphoria and intense energy present at those drug-fueled all-night beach parties. It’s no coincidence that the album art shows blue pills and the word most commonly whispered throughout this brief masterpiece is “ecstasy”, and it’s definitely not just referring to the feeling. The propulsive drum’n’bass and soaring electronics perfectly encapsulate the essence of a roll: riding upwards until the Whitney Houston-sampling “with somebody who loves me” emotional peak, dropping off into a chaotic din, and finally smoothing over and relaxing through a profound and contented comedown, all in the span of just four minutes. Elite Gymnastics’ original tracks, though just as danceable, are a bit too dark and shadowy for my taste, but when coupled with Julianna Barwick’s angelic vocal sighs and Korallreven’s heavenly atmospherics, the result is pure bliss.

The unofficial video, combining psychedelic images with live footage and Elite Gymnastics’ signature Japanese characters, is right on target with its interpretation. Especially poignant are the text clippings from a pivotal scene in Final Fantasy VII that come at the achingly beautiful end:



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