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Bear In Heaven – “The Reflection Of You” April 3, 2012

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This single’s been out there for awhile, and by now it’s probably old news for today’s fast-paced music blog standards. But after listening to it for the umpteenth time today I felt a sudden urge to write a post it here, and I guess it’s good timing considering Bear In Heaven’s sophomore album I Love You, It’s Cool officially dropped today.

2010’s Beast Rest Forth Mouth had plenty of great tracks showcasing Bear In Heaven’s unique styles and talent, such as “Lovesick Teenagers” and “You Do You”, but nothing then or now compares with the sheer brilliance of “The Reflection Of You”. At first it may sound like any old Bear In Heaven track, as it keeps in step with the swirling psychedelic rock and dizzying synth textures of all the rest of their work, but after a few listens its surprising subtlety will break through the stylistic facade and bowl you over with the true greatness of this song. I can’t really place what’s so excellent about it, though I could cite the sentimentally sincere yet somehow estranged lyrics, the atypical danceability of the beats and hooks, or the dynamic textures and structures as prime examples, but it may be that the song’s charm lies in just that elusive allure. Its refusal to be pinned down is what intrigues further listens, and those further listens allow it to latch onto the listener and nestle its way in. We won’t soon be forgetting about this one, even if the rest of the album falls short.



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