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Burial – Kindred, Tribute In Light April 4, 2012

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Artist: Burial

Album: Kindred

Release: Hyperdub, 2012

Genre: Electronica

RIYD: The direction that electronic music is going

“If dubstep is dead, then Burial is some magnificent tower of dust and light built on the remains.”

– cokemachineglow’s Joel Elliott

Couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact, before I even read this particular review, the music on Burial’s Kindred EP was calling to mind a memorial project for the World Trade Center that we learned about in our contemporary architecture class. The “Tribute In Light”, a collaborative effort involving lighting designer Paul Marantz, artists Paul Myoda and Julian LaVerdiere, and architect Richard Nash Gould, consists of two towers of vertical beams of light shooting upwards from the base of the former WTC, commemorating the victims of the September 11th attacks with an ethereal glow replacing the twin towers in the skyline.

The beams of light stretch all the way up into the clouds, far past the former reaches of the earthly towers, and the sight is something mesmerizing and evocative to behold. Burial’s music on Kindred is the same way. His sampled static and city sounds call to mind lost souls swirling around a metropolis, and the R&B vocal manipulation serves as the light shining up through the heavens to guide them home. The result is something epic, beautiful, and profoundly sad. Just have a listen to “Ashtray Wasp” below, and you’ll see why the quote above is startlingly accurate:



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