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Animal Collective – “Honeycomb”/”Gotham” May 7, 2012

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Just this morning I was wondering when Animal Collective was going to come forward with the new material they’ve been teasing us with since some of their shows last year. Several interviews with the band members claim that the group went into the studio in January to record the 15 new songs they’d been writing together, but here we are in May with not even the news of a new album to tide us over until its release. Well, it’s not exactly a new album per se, but the group just posted two new tracks on their website, “Honeycomb” and “Gotham”, off on upcoming 7″ that may or may not be the lead single off a new LP.

Given that the band completely redefines their sound and musical approach with each new album, it’s definitely exciting to hear the first taste of the re-united foursome (the 4th member, Deakin, being absent since 2007). With “Honeycomb” and “Gotham”, it’s clear that the group has moved way past Merriweather Post Pavilion, and these tracks are sure to disappoint fans whose love for the band is based on that album alone. But those of us who’ve thoroughly enjoyed their earlier works are in for a real treat, as the spastic “Honeycomb” serves as a natural extension of the sense of panicked frenzy that pervaded 2007’s Strawberry Jam while the abstract aloofness of the moody “Gotham” calls to mind the more expansive tracks on 2005’s Feels. Merely comparing them to their predecessors doesn’t do them enough justice, however, as they both really are entirely new beasts. The only thing that remains constant about Animal Collective (aside from the quality of their music) is change, so you’ll just have to hear them yourself to get a sense of this budding next chapter in Animal Collective’s always-groundbreaking career.



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