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Still Flyin’ – “Cleat Talking” May 23, 2012

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It’s that time of year again, when tons of bands release a bunch of generic indie pop tracks and try to pass them off as “songs for the summer”. Everyone’s looking for that warm, sunny jam to blast out their car windows in the summer heat, and the favor shifts from original, unique sounds to catchy, overdone pop hooks and easy beats. Still Flyin’s latest single, “Cleat Talking”, is full of all that good stuff and more, but somehow still manages to sound like an interesting and relevant piece of music in spite of itself.

Coupling some boy-girl harmonies with a groovy bass line, “Cleat Talking” is the ridiculously catchy earworm that everyone expects from a summer anthem. Paying a bit closer attention, however, reveals a lot of attention to detail that other summer jam candidates tend to lack. While the two-note backbone of the song remains the same throughout, the rest of the textures refuse to sit still as the song transitions from some ramshackle trash can-drum percussion to New Wave-style synths to whispered vocal samples and back again all in the span of an easily digestible two and a half minutes. The lyrics are also endearingly quirky, as frontman Sean Rawls affectionately croons “I ain’t no Steven Hawking, my cleats do all the talking” as a chorus to his uplifting, bouncy vocal performance. The result of all this sounds like a bunch of friends hanging out by the pool in someone’s backyard, jamming together while waiting for the burgers to cook on the barbecue, and if that’s not the perfect embodiment of the coming warm-weather months, then I don’t know what else would be.



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