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Blue Hawaii – Untogether June 11, 2013

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Blue Hawaii - UntogetherArtist: Blue Hawaii

Album: Untogether

Release: Arbutus, 2013

Genre: Electronica

RIYD: Braids, James Blake, The Postal Service

Raphaelle Standell-Preston and Alex Cowan’s debut full-length as Blue Hawaii is like a more modern version of The Postal Service’s Give Up: it was pieced together over a long period of time by two musicians who were half a world away from each other during the recording process. Standell-Preston, the belting and yelping frontwoman of Arbutus-labelmate band Braids, serves as the Ben Gibbard to Cowan’s Dntel as her voice ebbs and flows over his chilly electronica. The two embrace this “untogether” theme wholeheartedly: the music here sounds distant, cold, and isolating, with more than a hint of longing and an edge of mystery. Cowan deftly weaves Standell Preston’s coos into his crystalline fortress of glitched-out bells, chimes, and synth pads, somehow managing to include a plethora of subtle details in his minimalist backdrop. The icy result leads us far away from the beachy warmth of their 2010 EP (the aptly-titled Blooming Summer) but somehow feels like a logical progression into what will hopefully be more than just a one-off side project.



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